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Our ute trays are designed to be both strong and durable. Choose from our standard design or simply consult with our engineer about your own custom-designed tray and incorporate the options that are important to you. Choose from steel or aluminium trays to suit your needs.

Ute Trays

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All our quality-constructed ute trays come standard with a range of features including:

  • Mesh and/or bar window protection
  • Tread plate or hard wood flooring
  • Front steps both sides with non slip surface
  • Tail light protectors front and rear
  • Tray, drop sides and mud guards fully painted to colour code match vehicle
  • Nylock nuts and high-tensile bolts
  • Rope spacing between tray and tie-down rails
  • Custom design trays to suit your requirements
Reef Engineering

Fabricated alloy ute trays

Our custom-engineered alloy ute trays are just as tough as our steel trays and are designed to be comparable in price.

They offer many benefits and are cheaper than a galvanised tray as well as being much lighter.

This weight advantage means you can carry a bigger payload and enjoy better fuel economy than a traditional steel tray

Our alloy trays have a longer life expectancy than a steel tray due to their corrosion resistant properties and are also more environmentally friendly.

Reef Engineering

Optional extras

Whether you choose a steel tray or an alloy tray we offer a range of options to truly ensure it meets your needs. Choose from:

  • Under-tray water tank
  • Under-tray tool box
  • Headboard water tank
  • LED lights
  • Metallic paint
  • Tipper trays
  • Alloy mudguards
  • Custom dog cages
  • Canopies
  • Service bodies
  • Ladder racks
  • Internal tie-down points
  • Rear steps
  • Powder coating
Reef Engineering

ROPS vehicle protection

Reef Engineering can fabricate rollover protective structures (ROPS) to suit any type of vehicle. ROPS are life-saving devices that can prevent drivers from being crushed when a vehicle or tractor rolls over.

ROPS are mandatory on many vehicles and are mandatory on all tractors.

Reef Engineering can fabricate ROPS to suit any type of vehicle. All our products are built to ROPS certification requirements.