Reef Engineering is a Cairns-based company specialising in sheet metal fabrication providing high-quality aluminium, stainless-steel and sheet-metal products. We build and repair aluminium boats, ute trays, canopies and service bodies.

Our factory manufactures a wide range of aluminium and stainless steel products for the marine industry, commercial and domestic use. We use the latest technology to ensure high-quality finishes for one-off items or mass copies built to the same precise standards.


Our range of trailers are designed to suit varied conditions including our rugged Woop Woop camper trailers. We custom-build trailers to suit your exact needs.


We are experts in sheet-metal fabrication for marine, commercial, industrial, architectural, pharmaceutical, mining and kitchen applications.


We provide a specialist engineering service using the latest 3D software to design products to suit the needs of industry and business.